Will this be the worst Olympics ever?

The Worst Olympics Ever Could be Upon Us.

Banned Russians, unfinished stadiums, economical troubles, shabby athletes village and that little pesky mosquito you can here in your bedroom when you’re trying to sleep. Is Rio already the worst Olympics ever?

The term “worst ever” is being thrown around left, right and centre as the games get nearer and fears for the host nation continue to rise, in the face of incomplete infrastructure and a large amount of high profile athletes turning down the games.

Not to mention the Zika virus that has plagued the Brazilian people for the last 12 months with very little in the way of cures. It’s already given a bunch of top golfers an excuse not to attend an event they probably never intended to,

Even the rowing complex is being questioned with waterborne viruses and insects carrying disease lining the top of the water as officials desperately try to filter the liquid before game day.

Kidnapping of sportsmen, protests and even police deaths own all taken the first problems and amplified them tenfold with circumstances of genuine fear environment set for athletes, coaches, Olympic personnel and the locals themselves.

Merely to put the cherry in the violently foodstuff poisoned cake, Rio may also boast the next worst polluting of the environment of a hosting metropolis… ever.

Granted they didn’t possess the type of equipment to check quality of air back when the present day games had been restarted, but again, they didn’t possess the kind of commercial power and greenhouse affect that people do today.

Slotting in nicely in back of the Beijing game titles of 2008, Rio’s quality of air is a lot more than triple the World Overall health Organization’s recommended limit intended for healthy living.

In fact, nearly twice as many people died in Rio in 2014 from air pollution than murder.

Rio is not alone though.

The aforementioned Beijing Olympiad was briefly touted as being the “worst ever” before it began because of their shocking air quality.

The Atlanta games of 96’ were marred by a bomb scare and the cities absolute bedlam of the public transport system.

Athens 2004 was given the worst ever tag before the games and continues to hold that in the eyes of many after what was an economical disaster for the Greek government, being the straw that broke the camel’s back and sent the country into a recession.

Moscow in 1980 and Berlin in 1936 were both hampered and eventually remembered for their involvement in the Cold War and WWII respectively.

And no one can forget the shock of Munich 72’, where a terrorist group infiltrated the sportsmen village and killed 11 Israeli athletes and instructors as the community watched on from reports cameras.

Since there is certainly a whole lot, and I mean a whole lot, of rubbish going on inside Rio, could it be actually the “worst ever”?

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